Journey to $100K and Beyond

The no BS, simple way to building your $100k portfolio and beyond using the proven and best strategy in the stock markets. The doors to Journey to $100K and Beyond are opening soon and I'm so excited to see you there!


Here’s what people are saying about this program and some of the results:

jamie m. entrepreneur

I really enjoyed her style of advice and coaching. I feel a lot more confident in doing my own investing online. Before I would just put it away with the banks and not do anything with it, but now, I know what I’m doing, what I choose to do and how it would affect my returns in the long run. She’s very well-rounded and takes a non-judgmental approach to teaching

maria c. lawyer

Michelle's workshops and lessons encouraged me to design the life I want to live by taking control of my finances. I felt safe to ask her to explain basic acronyms and concepts. Learning from her, I made my first investment and I have been investing ever since. I feel empowered, enlightened and educated about my finances and no longer overwhelmed by what used to be a great scary mystery to me.

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